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Buy new and used cell phones from Fast Repair’s large selection of top brand cell phones.  We stock the most popular and sometimes hard to find cell phones at prices that make you think you’re buying dealer direct!  The coolest part about purchasing your phone from Fast Repair is that we require NO CONTRACTS.  If you’re looking for an iPhone you can purchase new and used iPhone’s locked or unlocked!

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Sell us your old cell phone instead of throwing it away & get up to $380. Our environment has enough to worry about, instead of tossing your old cell phone in the trash, bring it in or mail it to Fast Repair and receive cash or credit towards another phone.  It’s an easy way to make money by staying green and recycling with Fast Repair!

To buy, sell or trade used cell phones call your nearest Fast Repair location or bring your used cell phones into one of our stores for a free evaluation!

Trade in your cell phone for one of the many cell phones in stock at any fast repair location or online.  We’re excited about offering an easy way to upgrade your phone and make use of your old phone by receiving a credit to help you pay for the new phone you choose from our complete stock of new and used online and in-store.

Call your nearest Fast Repair location for more details!