Apple iPhone 4S Screen Repair

So what if you already broke the glass on your Apple iPhone 4S, we’ve got you covered!

Fully installed glass screen replacement for the Apple iPhone 4S is now available directly from Fast Repair. We’ve already perfected the entire repair process down to a science and our technicians have spent hours upon hours fully inspecting, studying and repairing the iPhone 4S so that we can provide the very best quality of Apple iPhone 4S repair service possible.

Repair Details: We fully remove the old broken glass and clean out any remaining broken pieces of glass to safeguard your iPhone 4S against future damage due to free floating glass particles that would otherwise remain within the internals of our iPhone 4S. After all the broken glass is fully removed, we then replace your iPhone 4S screen with a brand new fully functional and tested screen.

Old Price: $169.99

Price: $99.99

You save: $70.00

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