• Breaking your iPhone 4 glass is more common then you might imagine, even though it seems fragile, its broken alot more then most people think. Some people have their iPhone 4 glass repaired multiple times before they decide to just “live with it” and use a cracked glass or shattered screen. The main reason why most decide to not repair their iphone 4 broken glass is because the price can add up and sometimes amount to more than the value of the iPhone 4 itself. There are kits you can purchase online to repair the iPhone 4 glass yourself but they require a degree of technical knowledge in order to correctly repair the screen to its original condition. Most people who order the replacement kit online and attempt to repair themselves will end up taking their iPhone to a repair shop after seeing how hard the repair is for the average iPhone user.

    iPhone 4 Glass Repair in San Jose, CA

    Here are the closest repair centers to San Jose, CA:

    Fast Repair offers an iPhone 4 glass screen repair service that is affordable for the most budget minded person and provides you with a professional source for iPhone repair anywhere in the world. Fast Repair has many bay area locations including 3 in San Jose who can fix your broken iPhone 4 glass and have your repaired phone back to you the same day.

    The iPhone 4 glass screen is different then the 3G screen and requires a complete replacement of the entire front which includes the LCD and the glass touchscreen. The 3G only requires one or the other to be replaced but this cannot be done with the iPhone 4. Repairing the iPhone 4 LCD is extremely sensetive and could lead to other internal damage of the iPhone if not properly handled. Always take extreme caution if handling a cracked or shattered iPhone 4 since the internal parts may be exposed and vulnerable.

    If you’re looking for a place to repair your iPhone 4 broken glass then head to Fast Repair and let trained technicians handle your iPhone and replace that broken glass with an all original iPhone 4 glass screen and LCD.